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Best of 2016

December 31, 2016

Best of 2016


December 27, 2016

This week everything will be about: Best of 2016!

We will post the 8 most popular recipes of 2016. Let’s start with #8:
Our *Pear Chocolate Mousse* has reached over 342,000 likes, 1,080 comments and 1,400 shares. 
#7 Strawberry Tiramisu

Dolce vita for lunchtime! 
The midday break was never sweeter with our Italian *Strawberry Tiramisu*. Thank you for 
353000 likes, 740 comments and 1800 shares! 
December 28, 2016
#6 Golden Chocolate Truffles

The Golden Hour!
We celebrated like the Great Gatsby with our luscious *Golden Chocolate Truffles*. Thank you for 367000 likes, 1,230 comments and 1630 shares! <3
#5 Hot Berry White Chocolate
We’ve enjoyed a glass of hot *Berry White Chocolate* on a cold November day. This extraordinary hot beverage has hit more than 378000 likes, 1,570 comments and 2850 shares!
December 29, 2016

#4 Blackberry Cheesecake

The oven stays cold today!

Be sure not to miss our no-bake *Blackberry Cheesecake*. This delicious late summer cheesecake has reached over 408,000 likes, 900 comments and 2370 shares!
#3 Ice Cream Milkshake
Best Friends & A Milkshake! 
Share our mouth-watering and super easy *Ice Cream Milkshake* with your BFF. It was the biggest hit during our Friends Forever Week and got more than 462,000 likes, 1,260 comments and 3,010 shares!
December 30, 2016
#2 Apple Rose Tarts
Rose gardens, apple trees and warm sunshine!
Our beautiful *Apple Rose Tarts* were a true must-have for sunshine picnics in the countryside. Thank you for more than 476,000 likes, 870 comments and 2,130 shares!
#1 Black Forest Mousse Cake

Never darker & never sweeter!
The number 1 of our Best Of 2016 Week is the *Black Forest Mousse Cake*, a modern and elegant interpretation of the world-famous Black Forest! Thank you very much for over 538,000 likes, 1,130 comments and 2,600 shares!
December 31, 2016
Time for the best wallpaper!
Our *Frozen Wallpaper* was the most popular this year. Thank you for over 368,000 likes, 1,450 comments and 3,130 shares! <3
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