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Black Forest Reloaded

June 20, 2018

Black Forest Reloaded

June 12, 2018

The next two weeks everything will be about: Black Forest!

We start with our mouth-watering *Black Forest Mousse Cake*, rich chocolate cherry cake meets mousse au chocolat, sweet cherry jam and vanilla whipped cream. A modern and elegant black forest interpretation for festive occasions!


June 14, 2018

Sweet Thursday!

Surprise your loved ones with our no-bake *Black Forest Truffles*, delicious chocolate cherry cake balls coated with dark chocolate and pink glaze. Super easy and homemade truffles for baking beginners!



June 16, 2018

Classic taste meets modern style! 

Celebrate the beginning of weekend with our brand-new *Black Forest Layer Cake*. Four layers of rich chocolate cake meet sweet cherries, chocolate macarons, whipped cream and chocolate ganache. A super delicious and beautiful cake for your weekend get-togethers!


June 18, 2018

Never darker & never sweeter!

Be sure not to miss our luscious *Black Forest Fudge Cupcake*, moist chocolate cupcakes filled and topped with sweet cherries, mini chocolate fudge cubes, whipped cream and melted dark chocolate. Just yummy, try it yourself!


June 20, 2018

Last recipe of this week!

Sweeten your day with our delicious *Black Forest Milkshake*. Cold milk combined with melted chocolate, cherry jam and whipped cream. A super quick, easy and yummy milkshake for busy days!

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