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Chocolate Cake Variations

October 04, 2015

Chocolate Cake Variations

September 29, 2015

This week everything will be about: Chocolate Cake Variations!

We start with our brand-new *Espresso Chocolate Mousse Cake*, espresso soaked chocolate cake layers combined with mousse au chocolate espresso frosting, melted chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. Just YUMMY! <3


September 30, 2015

Time for some pie! <3

Today's recipe is about the *Mississippi Mud Pie*, a chocolate pie which combines crunchy chocolate crust, creamy chocolate pudding and sweet whipped cream.


October 01, 2015

A Chocolate Cake Surprise! <3

Surprise your friends and family with our cute *Piñata Chocolate Cake*, a yummy and extraordinary gift for every age!


October 02, 2015

The *Chocolate Cake Variations* Wallpaper! <3


October 03, 2015

Sprinkles, chocolate and ice cream! <3

Try our brand-new *Chocolate Ice Cream Cake*, a super easy cake for weekend fun times with friends.


October 04, 2015

No-bake Sunday! <3

Enjoy our marvelous *Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake*, creamy chocolate cheesecake combined with melted Nutella, raspberry cream and Oreos. A yummy must-have for Sundays!

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