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The Friends Forever Week

September 25, 2016

The Friends Forever Week


September 20, 2016

We start with our brand-new *XOXO Macarons*, sweet pistachio macarons filled with creamy pink chocolate ganache. A super cute and yummy macaron to share with your best friends forever!


September 21, 2016

Wanna share a milkshake with me?

Share our mouth-watering *Ice Cream Milkshake* with your best friend, cold milk meets vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate and sweet waffles. A super quick and easy milkshake for your best friends time!


September 22, 2016 

Surprise your best friend!

Make our brand-new *Berry Candy Cake* for your best friend. Three layers of vanilla cake meet fresh raspberry frosting, pink candy, sweet marshmallows and bubble gums. A super cute, homemade and delicious way to surprise your bff!


September 24, 2016

Best friends breakfast! 

Invite your friends and make our super delicious *Banana Chocolate Pancakes*, vegan banana peanut butter pancakes topped with fresh banana, chocolate chips and mint leaves. The weekend couldn't start any better!


September 25, 2016

Sunday Coffee Time!

The last recipe of our Friends Forever Week is about our luscious *Double Chocolate Berry Brownies*, rich dark chocolate brownies meet fresh raspberries and melted white chocolate. The perfect snack for a Sunday coffee chat with your bff!

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