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Mama • Mother’s Day Recipes 2017

May 12, 2017

Mama  • Mother’s Day Recipes 2017


May 02, 2017

The next two weeks everything will be about: Mama • Mother’s Day Recipes!

We start with our classic *Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake*, rich chocolate fudge cupcake topped with sweet raspberry frosting, melted chocolate and a fresh raspberry. Quick, easy and heavenly delicious! <3


May 04, 2017

A dreamy refreshment!

Surprise your mother with our creamy *Strawberry Vanilla Shake*, fresh strawberries combined with cold milk, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a sugar rose. A super easy and beautiful milkshake for Mother’s Day! <3 


May 06, 2017

I <3 you, Mama! <3

Make our brand-new *Pistachio Heart Macarons* for your loved ones, delicious pistachio macarons filled with sweet raspberry cream and fresh strawberries. The sweetest way to say 'Thank You'!


May 08, 2017 

Looking for an easy and quick dessert for Mother’s Day?

Check out our vegan *Strawberry Frozen Yogurt*, soy yogurt combined with frozen strawberries, brown sugar and mint leaves. A super yummy and fresh snack for every occasion! <3


May 10, 2017

A special cake for a special someone!

Celebrate Mother's Day with our elegant *White Chocolate Cookie Cake*, rich vanilla cake meets white chocolate ganache, pink icing, sweet cookies and fresh strawberries. Delicious & Beautiful! <3


May 12, 2017 

The *Mother’s Day 2017* Wallpaper! <3


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