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November 13, 2016




November 08, 2016

This week everything will be about: Neapolitan!

We start with our brand-new *Neapolitan Cookie Donuts*, homemade vanilla and chocolate cookie donuts topped with sweet glaze and colorful sprinkles. 
The sweetest way to welcome a new week!


November 09, 2016

Pink refreshment for Wednesday!
Try our heavenly delicious *Neapolitan Ice Cream Shake*, cold milk combined with vanilla ice cream, frozen strawberries, dark chocolate and a cookie donut. Colorful and Refreshing! <3



November 10, 2016

Made with Love! <3
Make our luscious *Neapolitan Cream Cupcake* for your special occasion, moist chocolate vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla frosting, chocolate sprinkles and a pink strawberry gumball. A combination you don't want to miss!


November 11, 2016

A new Wallpaper!


November 12, 2016

A true must-have for your weekend! 
Make our elegant *Neapolitan Rose Cookies* for a sunny weekend picnic with friends, chocolate rose cookies combined with sweet vanilla filling and  strawberry rose cookies. Beautiful & delicious! <3



November 13, 2016

The oven stays cold today!

Invite your family and friends and make our no-bake *Neapolitan Cream Cheesecake*, sweet strawberry cheesecake combined with Ritter Sport Chocolate, a brownie cookie base and vanilla whipped cream. A super delicious cheesecake for your family get-together. Happy Sunday!



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