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New Year Fresh Start

January 10, 2016

New Year Fresh Start

January 05, 2016

We begin with our brand-new *Raspberry Cream Dessert Jar*, sweet quark cream topped with strawberry-raspberry yoghurt, a fresh raspberry and mint leave. A light and delicious way to start your new year! <3


January 06, 2016

Strawberry, Chocolate and Cone Bites! 

Relax on a busy day with our *Strawberry White Chocolate Cones*, white chocolate dipped waffle cones combined with sweet strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate drops.


January 07, 2016

Thursday Refreshment! 

Try our delicious *Strawberry Mint Yoghurt Shake*, frozen strawberries mixed with natural yoghurt, fresh mint leaves, cold milk and honey. A refreshing and quick snack for your lunchtime.


January 08, 2016

A new Wallpaper!


January 09, 2016

Fresh Saturday Breakfast! <3

Complete our weekend breakfast with the tasty *Mango Lassi Syllabub*, drink and dish!



January 10, 2016

Sunday Lightness! <3

The last recipe of this week is about our fresh *Wildberry Yoghurt Cheesecake*, vanilla cake meets light yoghurt cheesecake and sweet wildberries. Perfect cake for lovely Sunday with family and friends.


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