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Birthday Cupcake Week

May 29, 2016

Birthday Cupcake Week

May 24, 2016 

We start with our classic *Chocolate Vanilla Birthday Cupcake*, rich chocolate fudge cupcake topped with vanilla pudding frosting, melted dark chocolate, colorful sprinkles and a birthday candle. Yummy!


May 25, 2016

Your best friend's birthday is just around the corner?

Surprise your best friend with our fancy *Pink Paris Birthday Cupcake*, dark chocolate fudge cupcake topped with raspberry frosting, edible glitter and a marzipan rose. Beautiful & Delicious!


May 26, 2016

A colorful Birthday! 

Make our super easy *Banana Split Cream Cupcakes* for your upcoming birthday party, rich vanilla cupcakes combined with fresh banana, whipped cream, dark chocolate and sweet cherries. Tasty!


May 28, 2016

Never too old to love unicorns!

Celebrate your birthday with our cute *Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Cupcakes*, sweet vanilla cupcakes meet fresh raspberries, rainbow meringue, white chocolate frosting and colorful sprinkles. An enchanting cupcake for your special occasion!


May 29, 2016

Birthday Cupcakes For Chocolate Lovers!

Last recipe of this week is about our delicious *Chocolate Bar Birthday Cupcake*, rich chocolate fudge cupcake topped with chocolate bars, ice cream wafers, chocolate frosting and melted Nutella. Pure chocolate overload!

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