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The Bonfire Nights Week

August 07, 2016

The Bonfire Nights Week

August 02, 2016

We start with our brand-new *S’More Cupcake*, dark chocolate fudge cupcake filled with marshmallow cookie cream and topped with flambéed meringue, melted chocolate and a crunchy butter cookie. A must-have treat for your bonfire nights!


August 03, 2016

Time to talk about the universe!

Make our delicious *Mars Macarons* for a wonderful bonfire night with friends. Chocolate macarons filled with sweet caramel and Mars slices. Yummy!


August 04, 2016

Hot bonfire waffles for Thursday!

Heat up our homemade *Honey Waffles & Berries* over a sparkling fire, add whipped cream, golden honey and fresh berries. Your warm bonfire snack is ready to serve. Bon appétit!


August 06, 2016

Vanilla pudding and a sky full of stars!

Invite your friends for a magical bonfire night and our luscious *Cherry Vanilla Pudding*, warm vanilla pudding meets dark chocolate, sweet cherries, whipped cream and brownie cubes. A dreamy dessert for dreamy nights!


August 07, 2016

Enjoy your Sunday!

The last recipe of this week is about our creamy *Cookie Hot Chocolate Shake*, hot milk meets melted milk chocolate, vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. Bonfire Nights - The best time for friends, stories and good food!



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