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The Busy Day Snack Week

September 04, 2016

The Busy Day Snack Week

August 30, 2016

We start with our yummy *Raspberry Cream Snack*, sweet quark cream topped with strawberry-raspberry yoghurt, a fresh raspberry and mint leave. A light and delicious snack to relax after a stressful day!


August 31, 2016

One of those long and busy days? 

Have a glass of milk and our brand-new *Chocolate Chip Sprinkles Cookies*, soft and chewy sprinkles cookies combined with chocolate chips and white chocolate chunks. A colorful and quick snack for stressful days!


September 01, 2016

Cinnamon rolls for Thursday!

Sweeten a busy day with our vegan *Cinnamon Rolls Snack*, warm cinnamon rolls topped with a sweet sugar glaze. Homemade, vegan and super delicious!


September 03, 2016

Sunshine, friends and a milkshake!

Make our super yummy *Chocolate Peanut Banana Shake* for a relaxing weekend brunch with your best friends. Creamy peanut butter combined with fresh banana melted chocolate and fresh milk. The perfect refreshment after a busy week!


September 04, 2016 

Sunday Cravings!

Last recipe of this week is about our 5-minute *Black Forest Mug Cake*, warm chocolate mug cake combined with sweet cherries, chocolate drops and whipped cream. A quick, easy and super yummy recipe for busy days and lazy Sundays!


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