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Cotton Candy Week

April 03, 2016

Cotton Candy Week

March 29, 2016

This week everything will be about: Cotton Candy! 

We start with our brand-new *Cotton Candy Macarons*, sky blue macaron shells filled with a vanilla raspberry cream and pink cotton candy.

Make our fancy *Cotton Candy Milkshake* to wow your guests. Fresh milk meets blue cotton candy, candy melts and whipped cream. Quick and extraordinary shake for colorful occasions!

Cotton Candy Clouds!

When it comes to cotton candy our *Cotton Candy Cupcake* shouldn’t be missing. Sweet vanilla raspberry cupcake topped with cotton candy frosting and a pink bubble gumball.

April 02, 2016

Crazy Weekend Cheesecake!

Enjoy your weekend with our fancy *Cotton Candy Cheesecake*, sweet cotton candy cheesecake meets blue candy melts, whipped cream and pink cotton candy.

Last recipe of this week!

Check out how to make delicious *Cotton Candy Ice Cream*, a colorful and yummy ice cream for a relaxing Sunday.


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