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The Five Colors & Flavors Week

October 16, 2016

The Five Colors & Flavors Week

We start with our super fresh *Pink Strawberry Macarons* sweet pink strawberry macarons filled with yummy strawberry cheesecake cream. The perfect color and treat for a girls night out!


October 12, 2016

The taste of heaven!

Make our fancy *Blue Cotton Candy Milkshake*, fresh milk meets blue cotton candy, candy melts and whipped cream. A quick and extraordinary shake for birthdays, parties and any other colorful occasions!


October 13, 2016

A breeze of India for your lunchtime!

Be sure not to miss our brand-new *Orange Mango Mousse*, fluffy mango apricot mousse topped with sweet mango cubes, fresh mint leaves and delicious dark chocolate sticks. A fruity and light dessert to sweeten your daily lunch!


October 15, 2016

Sunshine cake for the weekend!

Invite some friends over and make our super yummy *Yellow Vanilla Banana Cake*, four layers of dark chocolate cake meets fresh banana and sweet vanilla pudding frosting. The ultimate cake for a sunny Saturday!


October 16, 2016

The last recipe of our Colors & Flavors Week!

Enjoy the weekend with our refreshing *Green Key Lime Cheesecake*, crunchy butter cookies meet creamy lime cheesecake, melted white chocolate and sweet whipped cream. The perfect no-bake cheesecake for Sunday family picnics!


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