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The Flash Food Week

May 01, 2016

The Flash Food Week

April 26, 2016

We start with our 3-minute *Flash Ice Cream Shake*, cold milk meets vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate and sweet waffles.


April 27, 2016

Quick and healthy frozen yogurt for busy days!

Cool down with our 4-minute *Flash Frozen Yogurt*, frozen strawberries meet sweetened soy yogurt, passion fruit juice and fresh raspberries.


April 28, 2016

The ultimate snack for bonfire nights!

Make our 5-minute *Flash S'more Jar* and enjoy it under a starry sky. Mini butter cookies, melted Nutella, marshmallow cream and roasted marshmallows. Just Yummy!


April 30, 2016

Saturday Night is Movie Night!

Invite some friends over, enjoy a good movie and try our super quick *Flash Ice Cream Sandwich*, homemade cookie dough meets delicious chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.


May 01, 2016

Moonlight baking for late night craving!

Last recipe of the Flash Food Week is about our 5-minute *Black Forest Mug Cake*, warm chocolate mug cake combined with sweet cherries, chocolate drops and whipped cream.



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