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The Frozen Yogurt Week

June 26, 2016

The Frozen Yogurt Week

June 21, 2016

We start with our brand-new *Frozen Mango Peach Yogurt*, sweet yogurt mixed with frozen peach, mango and passion fruit juice. The perfect frozen yogurt for hot summer days! 


June 22, 2016

Chunky Monkey meets Frozen Yogurt! 

Try our mouth-watering *Frozen Chunky Monkey Yogurt*, delicious banana frozen yogurt topped with rich brownie slices, dark chocolate chunks and caramelized walnuts. Yummy!


June 23, 2016

Hello sweet Thursday!

Check out our refreshing *Frozen Berry Meringue Yogurt*, raspberry frozen yogurt topped with vanilla meringue, white chocolate chunks and chopped pistachios. Fresh & Sweet!


June 25, 2016

In the mood for chocolate and banana?

Then check out our super tasty *Frozen Nutella Yogurt*, frozen yogurts combined with frozen bananas and yummy Nutella. Quick, Easy, Delicious!


June 26, 2016 

Last recipe of our Frozen Yogurt Week!

Enjoy your day off with your family and our classic *Frozen Oreo Stracciatella Yogurt*, crushed Oreos meet frozen stracciatella yogurt. Just yummy. Happy Sunday!



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