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The Picnic Week

June 19, 2016

The Picnic Week

June 14, 2016

We start with our brand-new *Apple Crumble Jar*, sweet apple crumble combined with homemade vanilla pudding and whipped cream. A classic and easy takeaway for a lovely picnic in the mountains!


June 15, 2016

Snacking with a view!

Check out our tasty *Strawberry Cheesecake Truffles*, sweet strawberry cheesecake balls coated with white chocolate and pink glaze. A super delicious snack for a sunny afternoon in the mountains!


June 16, 2016

A true must-have for your picnic menu!

When it comes to picnics, our purple *Milka Rose Cookies* shouldn’t be missing! Vanilla meringue rose cookies meet Milka chocolate ganache. Beautiful & delicious!


June 18, 2016

Happy Weekend! 

Freshen up your picnic with our homemade *Elderflower Lemonade*, cold elderflower lemonade meets sweet strawberries, fresh lime slices and beautiful edible flowers. Colorful & Refreshing!


June 19, 2016

Sunday picnic with your friends & family!

Make our homemade *Blueberry Waffles* for a spontaneous family picnic, warm blueberry waffles topped with creamy blueberry yogurt, whipped cream and fresh berries. Super quick, easy and yummy!



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