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Welcome To Nevada

June 06, 2018

Welcome To Nevada

May 29, 2018

The next two weeks will be about: Welcome to Nevada - Refreshing Summer Recipes!

We start with our vegan *Pineapple Frozen Yogurt*, fresh pineapple combined with frozen soy yogurt and sweet coconut milk. A super easy and yummy snack for hot days! 


May 31, 2018

Looking for a vegan summer refreshment?

Try our vegan *Coconut Berry Smoothie*, creamy coconut milk combined with frozen strawberries, fresh bananas and sweet honey. Healthy, yummy and light - perfect for a summer breakfast with friends and family!


June 02, 2018

Happy Weekend!

Start the day with our delicious *Green Smoothie Bowl*, sweet banana combined with fresh mango, vitamin-rich spinach, juicy raspberries and crispy coconut flakes. Just yummy!


June 04, 2018

A fresh start into the new week!

Sweeten your lunch break with our refreshing *Nevada Peach Lemonade*, delicious pineapple peach lemonade combined with sparkling lime juice, sweet banana and fresh mint. A super delicious highlight for hot summer days! 


June 06, 2018

The next summer party is just around the corner?

Surprise your guests with our brand-new *Cantaloupe Frozen Yogurt*, frozen cantaloupe melon combined with sweet honey and greek yogurt. Fancy, refreshing and super delicious - Welcome To Nevada!


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