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Best of 2016 - The Hot Chocolate Week



The most popular Theme of 2016!

Our *Hot Chocolate Week* has reached 420,000 likes, 2,170 comments and 4,700 shares. Thank you so much for your great support! <3 


We start with our delicious *Hot Mint Chocolate*, mint tea infused milk meets melted mint chocolate thins and sweet cocoa powder. An elegant hot chocolate for a cold and stormy Tuesday morning! <3
Hot Mint Chocolate
Hot Mint Chocolate Recipe
White Chocolate meets Raspberry! 
Be sure not to miss our brand-new *Hot Berry White Chocolate*, hot milk combined with fresh raspberries, melted white chocolate and sweet whipped cream. An extraordinary hot beverage for every season!
International flavors for Thursday! 
Sweeten your day with our Middle East inspired *Hot Pistachio Chocolate*, hot cinnamon chocolate topped with whipped cream and chopped pistachios. Served with our chocolate covered pistachio dates. Just delicious! <3

A new Wallpaper!

Best friends, good stories and hot chocolate!
Enjoy our marvelous *Hot Milky Way Chocolate* while watching the starry sky, warm milk combined with milk chocolate and melted Milky Way. The perfect hot chocolate for a Saturday night get-together with friends! <3
There’s always time for a hot chocolate! 
Make our delicious *Hot Vanilla White Chocolate* for your loved ones today, hot milk, melted white chocolate, homemade vanilla pudding topped with whipped cream and rich brownies. Happy Sunday! <3
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