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The Early Morning Week


February 21, 2017

This week everything will be about: Early Morning - Breakfast Recipes! 

We start with our brand-new *Early Morning Waffles*, warm vanilla waffles topped with homemade raspberry yogurt, fresh raspberries, sweet whipped cream and pistachios. A super delicious and easy recipe to welcome a new day! <3


February 22, 2017

Looking for a healthy on-the-go breakfast?

Check out our mouth-watering *Yogurt Granola Breakfast*, crunchy granola topped with sweet raspberry yogurt, fresh kiwi, banana and delicious fig. The perfect breakfast for busy mornings! <3 


February 23, 2017 

A good old classic for Thursday! 

Have a glass of cold milk and our marvelous *Sugar Crust Blueberry Muffins* for breakfast, yummy blueberry muffins coated with a crunchy sugar crust. The sweetest way to start the day! <3


February 24, 2017

The *Early Morning* Wallpaper! <3


February 25, 2017

Hello Weekend!

Start your Saturday with our homemade *Mango Lassi*, fresh Mango combined with sweet yogurt and cold milk. The perfect refreshment for a sunshine breakfast on your day off! <3


February 26, 2017

Family, sunshine and homemade breakfast!

Invite your family over for an extensive breakfast and make our delicious *Banana Chocolate Pancakes*, vegan banana peanut butter pancakes topped with fresh banana, chocolate chips and mint leaves. Sundays couldn't start any better! <3


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