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The Easter 2017 Theme


April 04, 2017

The next two weeks everything will be about: Easter!  

We start with our delicious *Nest Cupcake*, dark chocolate fudge cupcake filled with warm vanilla pudding, topped with vanilla frosting and a chocolate nest. Quick, easy and super yummy! <3


April 06, 2017 

A Colorful Easter Refreshment!

Try our brand-new *White Choco Berry Milkshake*, cold milk combined with fresh raspberries, melted white chocolate and sweet whipped cream. The perfect milkshake for a sunny Easter day! <3


April 08, 2017

Last-Minute Easter Piñata!

Be sure not to miss our homemade *Easter Piñata*, milk chocolate Piñata decorated with dark chocolate, a candy nest and filled with sweet Easter candy. A super easy, quick and edible decoration and gift idea for every age! <3


April 10, 2017

Still looking for an Easter dessert?

Then check out our brand-new *Easter Cheesecake*, delicious carrot cake topped with sweet cheesecake cream, chopped pistachios and colorful candy eggs. The perfect dessert for a lovely get-together with family and friends! <3 


April 12, 2017 

Easter is just around the corner!

Make our yummy *Easter Egg Cake*, four layers of rich chocolate cake combined with sweet raspberry frosting, dark chocolate and Easter egg candy. A colorful and cute cake to celebrate Easter! <3


April 14, 2017 

The *Easter* Wallpaper! <3


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