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The Fresh Taste Week


January 03, 2017

This week everything will be about: Fresh taste! 

We start with our brand-new *Passion Fruit Chocolate Mousse*, delicious passion fruit combined with sweet white chocolate mousse, fresh berries and mint leaves. The perfect snack to welcome a new year!


January 04, 2017

A whiff of Asia! 

Enjoy our marvelous *Green Tea Rose Cookies*, pink meringue rose cookies filled with green tea cream, sweet banana and fresh raspberries. Beautiful, colorful and irresistible delicious! <3


January 05, 2017 

Thursday Refreshment! 

Try our delicious *Strawberry Mint Milkshake*, frozen strawberries mixed with yogurt, fresh mint leaves, cold milk and honey. A refreshing and quick snack for your lunchtime! <3


January 06, 2017 

The Fresh Taste Wallpaper! <3 


January 07, 2017

Fresh & Homemade for the Weekend! 

Start your Saturday with our homemade *Vanilla Fruit Waffles*, warm vanilla waffles topped with sweet whipped cream, hot vanilla pudding, fresh fruits and mint leaves. Quick, easy and super yummy! <3


January 08, 2017

Last recipe of this week!
Make our delicious *Raspberry Yogurt Jar* for a lovely Sunday breakfast, strawberry mint yogurt combined with butter cookies, fresh bananas and raspberries. A fresh and healthy snack for a spontaneous get-together with family and friends! <3


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